STEAM WITH ARDUINO level 4: Advanced Robotics with Arduino and Electronics

STEAM WITH ARDUINO level 4: Advanced Robotics with Arduino and Electronics

STEM with Robotics Level 4 builds upon previous levels and allows students to further enhance their knowledge, skills and STEAM capacity, going further to the principles of entrepreneurship and sustainable development, as well as the STEAM education. Students work in project based learning methodology will continue their journey to the robotics world. They will experiment with even more advance robotic concepts using Arduino Platform. The course is continuation of Level 3 with more advanced challenges and projects. Focus of this course is on applying electrical engineering concepts such as circuits, power, and electromechanical systems to Arduino projects. Students will work with hands-on activities with Arduino boards and basic components such as resistors and LEDs. Topics covered include motor control, sensors and actuators, and interfacing with other electronics components. Working with hands-on activities to build and program more complex robots with multiple sensors and motors will create robots that can line-following, obstacle detection, and more advanced programming technique. At this level students work with even more advanced challenges and projects. Focus is on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Topics covered include programming with multiple sensors, advanced programming concepts, and more complex builds.
Students at this level are becoming independent learners working and learning in maker space with self-directed projects preparing quality e-portfolios that showcase their work, highlighting their 21st century skills and STEAM capacity and personality qualities.

Certification procedure: STEAM STUDENT LEVEL 4
Cyprus Certification Company provides Certification Procedure with International recognition (IQNET)


Exploring real life themes and challenges
Enhancing critical and analytical thinking
Hands-on project based leaning


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