Level 2: Exploration Level

Level 2: Exploration Level

In the exploration level, students dive deeper into the various STEM fields and engage in more complex projects and experiments. They learn about the interdisciplinary nature of STEM and how different disciplines intersect. Students start developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they explore real-world challenges and work collaboratively to find solutions.

Skills Developed:

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Applying scientific methods and processes
  • Engineering and design thinking skills
  • Intermediate coding and programming abilities
  • Enhanced mathematical problem-solving skills


STEAM Knowledge (Big Ideas):

  • Intermediate understanding of scientific principles and concepts
  • Exploration of engineering design principles and systems thinking
  • Intermediate mathematical concepts relevant to STEAM disciplines
  • Introduction to technology applications in specific fields


STEAM Skills:

  • Conducting more complex experiments and investigations
  • Applying coding and programming skills to solve problems.
  • Developing prototypes and models using basic materials
  • Collaborative problem-solving and project-based learning


Personality Qualities:

  • Developing creativity and innovative thinking
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Collaboration and teamwork in more complex projects
  • Developing perseverance and adaptability in problem-solving


Example projects created at this level:

·       Design and build a small-scale model of a sustainable house using renewable energy sources.

·       Investigate the properties of different materials and create a prototype of a lightweight and durable structure.

·       Develop a simple interactive game using coding languages like Scratch or Python.



External Certification:

After 1-2 years of preparation students are ready for STEAM Students’ Certification Procedure- Level 2- Cyprus Certification Company


The duration of the preparation depends on each students’ special cognitive characteristics.





Further engagement with science methodology: Observation to Conclusion
Product development and presentation
Building arguments and enhancing critical thinking
Introduction to the basics of a business plan
Enhancement of soft business skills: communication, decision making, self-motivation, leadership, team-working
Creativity and Innovation


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