Level 4: Specialization Level

Level 4: Specialization Level


In the specialization level, students focus on specific STEM disciplines or areas of interest. They delve deeper into advanced topics within their chosen field, such as computer science, biotechnology, aerospace engineering, or mathematics. This level may involve advanced coursework, research projects, and mentorship opportunities. Students develop a strong foundation in their chosen field and acquire specialized skills and knowledge.

Skills Developed:

  • Expertise in specific STEAM disciplines or fields
  • Advanced research and experimentation skills
  • Mastery of specialized coding languages and tools
  • Advanced engineering and design thinking abilities
  • Advanced mathematical modeling and analysis skills
STEAM Knowledge (Big Ideas):

  • In-depth knowledge of specific scientific principles and concepts
  • Advanced exploration of specialized engineering design principles and systems
  • Mastery of mathematical concepts relevant to the specialized field
  • Integration of technology tools and applications for advanced purposes


STEAM Skills:

  • Conducting advanced research projects and experiments
  • Developing innovative solutions and products
  • Mastery of advanced coding and programming languages
  • Applying advanced mathematical modeling and simulation techniques
Personality Qualities:

  • Expertise and specialization in a specific area of STEAM
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving in complex and specialized contexts
  • Effective communication and presentation of advanced ideas and findings
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in the field of specialization


Example projects created at this level:

·       Develop a complex software application or game that incorporates advanced coding techniques and algorithms.

·       Conduct a research project focused on an advanced topic within a specific STEM discipline.

·       Design and construct a functional prototype of an innovative technological device or system.


External Certification:

After 1-3 years of preparation students are ready for STEAM Students’ Certification Procedure-Level 4 Cyprus Certification Company. Cyprus Certification Company provides Certification Procedure with International recognition (IQNET)


The duration of the preparation depends on each student’s special cognitive characteristics.







Further engagement with science methodology: Observation to Conclusion
Product development and presentation
Building arguments and enhancing critical thinking
Introduction to the basics of a business plan
Enhancement of soft business skills: communication, decision making, self-motivation, leadership, team-working
Creativity and Innovation


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