STEM pre-Primary

STEAM pre-Primary

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. You may think some of these subjects seem lofty for young children to grasp. In some ways, that’s true. Young children may not be ready to understand multiplication or how computers work. But, they can build a strong foundation for future learning by exploring STEAM preschool skills and concepts through play and discussion, then applying those skills through more play.

Upgrading to STEAM pre-Primary, our STEAM-focused interdisciplinary methodology opens students to new subjects. Our teachers are properly trained to give their students room to explore, experiment and solve problems logically. Teaching STEAM in pre-primary grades opens the door for students to become tomorrow’s scientists’, innovators and engineers. Putting a spotlight on project-based learning allows creativity in the class, which in turn promotes innovative thinking in our students and opportunities for proper growth and development. Young children with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering art and mathematics will go on to play an integral role in global competitiveness and economic stability. Science encourages investigation and answering questions, often involving experimentation. Technology refers to using simple tools like crayons and rulers, as well as more complex ones like microscopes and computers. Engineering refers to recognizing problems and testing solutions. Arts encourage creativity and allow children to illustrate concepts they are learning. Mathematics deals with numbers, but also patterns, shapes, organizational skills and much more.


Further engagement with science methodology: Observation to Conclusion
Introduction to product development
Building arguments and enhancing critical thinking
Introduction to the basics of a business plan
Development of soft business skills: communication, decision making, self-motivation, leadership, team-working
Creativity and Innovation


STEM Kindergarden
Imagine you have to build a strong, tall building. What would be your first steps? You have to select the perfect site…
E2STEAM -Primary
E2STEAM stands for environment, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math.
STEAM with Astronomy
STEAM with Astronomy Course is important for understanding the foundations of scientific discovery, has practical application in timekeeping and navigation.
E2STEAM Secondary
E2STEAM Secondary completes the aspiration of the centre on the excellence of STEM education systems that aims to produce the future scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and engineers, equipping them with in-depth understanding of emerging technologies.


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