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Creating the engineers of tomorrow…

Brief Description of the Project:

STEMFreak is a Centre of Research and Innovation in Cognition and E2STEAM Learning.

STEMFreak also offers opportunities for schools and individuals to participate in Innovative STEAM Educational Programmes, Career, Counselling and Personal Development Opportunities. 

Project Budget: 182460 euros

Contribution from the European Regional Development Fund: EUR 145936


We believe… in the possibilities of the human brain

We love… working with kids and youth

We believe… in the possibilities of the  human brain

We are… committed to continuous improvement and excellence

We are… innovative, unconventional, controversial and mainly…

We are… FUN


STEMFreak also offer opportunities for innovative training emphasizing on E2STEAM teaching. E2STEAM   is the acronym for Environment, Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and encompasses a vast array of subjects that fall into each of those terms, covering all fields that affect virtually every component of our everyday lives.


In collaboration with external Certification Agencies, we also offer a variety of CERTIFICATION PROGRAMMES. OUR Students create portfolios. We use ePortfolios to help our students manage and digitally present their achievements to faculty, preceptors, employers, and peers. STEMFREAK ePortfolios are self-curated presentation that not only help students tell their story of achievement, but back it up with artifacts and real-life examples. We provide our students with the ability to set themselves apart with a comprehensive ePortfolio. ePortfolios  are used for their application as STEAM students’ ambassadors, university admission application, work application.

We prepare our students for future.






DO NOT WORRY…we are the experts on early education, having studied and research for years and years…

How the human brain works

How intelligence develops

How learning outcomes maximize

Which factors lead to people's happiness and success

What is makes children bored at school

What characteristics that a perfect lesson should have

How the perfect teacher, the perfect books and the perfect lesson should be

What separates STEM from the traditional disciplinary education is the blended learning environment, teaching children, from a very young age, how the scientific methods can be applied to everyday life as it focuses on the real world applications of problem solving. Through the STEM teaching methodology, the students develop hands-on skills, critical and analytical thinking, social and communication skills, while learning how to operate as part of a team.

STEMFreak moves one step ahead, having developed its programmes curriculum based on the needs and the wishes of the students. It would not be fun any other way. Kids learn what they are passionate about and they learn to get passionate over Science, over Technology, over Engineering, even over Mathematics. Continuous improvement is a desirable loop, both we and the students “fall” into.