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Coding is the fundamental skill for jobs such as software development. There is currently a shortage of software developers worldwide, so learning to code can be an easy route into an open field of work. However, this isn’t the only way coding can open up job opportunities. Having coding as a string to your bow can be key to finding jobs related to the field (like content creation, marketing, PR and more).

Even if students apply for a position which has no direct relevancy to coding, it’s still well known as a useful skill. Thus, by having any knowledge of it, students will automatically give themselves a foot up on the competition. Our Coding courses starts with Object Oriented programming and C++. C++ is a very popular language for performance-critical applications that rely on speed and efficient memory management. It’s used in a wide range of industries including software and game development, VR, robotics, and scientific computing. Our Coding course is built in three levels and we follow the certification procedure of ICDL. A foundation year is also offered if needed based on initial student’ assessment. Initial student’ assessment is a prerequisite for the ages of 10-14 years old. This course is for secondary students interested in learning about new technologies.


Developing critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills
Subjects applied in day-to-day life
Internationally recognised qualification


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