External Academic Consultation


Are you tired of reading to your child without seeing any particular improvement? Are you interested in finding out exactly what the problem is? You are in the right place. With specialised tools deployed in our centre, we identify where the problem is and solve it at its root …

STEM Freak Braintrain Programme is a special service offered by our institution, especially designed for students that face challenges at school. Individual people learn in different ways and with different paces. Students often just need to find the right way to study for the way they learn and that can unlock a dramatic change in grades, attitude, and confidence. Using our research data, we develop specific tools for empowering memory and attention, strengthening self-confidence, developing incentives for learning and healthy competition, as well as positive attitude towards school.


Empowering memory and attention

Strengthening self-confidence

Positive attitude towards school

Develop healthy competition

Develop Incentives for Learning

Better mood and mental health