STEAM Teachers Training Service

STEAM Teachers Training Service

Our STEMFREAK STEAM Teachers Training Service is an innovative and highly flexible online program designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills required to excel in STEAM education. This comprehensive training program is meticulously crafted to prepare teachers for the STEAM certification process and provide them with the tools needed to inspire and educate the next generation of STEAM enthusiasts.


Key Features of the Program:


Highly Flexible Online Learning: Recognizing the demands and diverse schedules of educators, our program is delivered entirely online. This flexibility allows teachers to access the training from the comfort of their own homes or offices, making it accessible to a broad range of participants.


Synchronous Learning: Our training program utilizes synchronous learning, ensuring that participants engage in real-time, interactive sessions with experienced instructors. This approach fosters dynamic discussions, knowledge sharing, and peer collaboration, creating a vibrant learning community.


Comprehensive Curriculum: The training program spans 14 sessions, each lasting 3 hours. This extensive curriculum covers all aspects of STEAM education, from foundational principles to advanced teaching techniques. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the STEAM disciplines, allowing them to effectively convey this knowledge to their students.


STEAM Certification Preparation: One of the central goals of this program is to equip teachers with the skills and expertise required to prepare their students for STEAM certification. Our training emphasizes the specific knowledge and assessment methods needed to guide students through this process successfully.
Experienced Instructors: Our training is led by experienced educators who are well-versed in the nuances of STEAM education. These instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to each session, offering valuable guidance and mentorship.

Interactive Learning Resources: To enhance the learning experience, we provide a variety of interactive resources, including multimedia materials, practical exercises, and case studies. These resources are designed to reinforce the training’s theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.


Community and Networking: Participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded educators, forming a supportive community of STEM and STEAM enthusiasts. This networking provides a valuable platform for sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and seeking guidance from fellow educators.


Moreover, our training program is thoughtfully designed to be in alignment with the Cyprus Certification Company’s STEAM Teachers Certification Scheme. It’s built on five levels and utilizes modern, authentic assessment methods such as e-portfolios and scenario-based exams. This ensures that educators not only learn the theory but also acquire practical, real-world skills, making them well-prepared for the demands of a STEAM-driven world.


In conclusion, STEMFREAK STEAM Teachers Training Service is a dynamic, adaptable, and comprehensive program that aims to empower educators with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of STEAM education. Through synchronous online learning, experienced instructors, an extensive curriculum, and alignment with certification standards, this training equips teachers to inspire the next generation of STEAM learners and guide them successfully through the STEAM certification process.


Empowering memory and attention

Strengthening self-confidence

Positive attitude towards school

Develop healthy competition

Develop Incentives for Learning

Better mood and mental health


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