Franchise the STEAMFREAK STEAM Programme

Franchise the STEAMFREAK STEAM Programme

We are thrilled to introduce a franchising opportunity for the STEAMFREAK STEAM Programme, officially accredited by the Ministry of Education. This program is founded on a robust blend of learning methods, offering both flexibility and the potential to implement the flipped classroom model. With a decade of practical application and a proven track record of achieving outstanding results, this well-structured STEAM curriculum is an invaluable resource for students.


What this franchise opportunity encompasses:


Comprehensive STEAM Curriculum: Gain access to a meticulously designed STEAM curriculum that spans from K-12, with levels seamlessly aligned with the certification procedures of relevant educational bodies, notably the Cyprus Certification Company’s STEAM Students Certification Scheme. This package includes curriculum materials, resources, and comprehensive lesson plans, providing all the necessary tools to deliver exceptional STEAM education.


Ongoing Program Support: We are dedicated to providing continuous program updates and unwavering support. As the educational landscape evolves, we ensure that the curriculum remains current, keeping it in sync with the latest educational standards and best practices.


Expanding STEAM Offerings: By embracing this franchise opportunity, your educational institution can significantly enhance its STEAM offerings. This expansion not only enriches the educational experience for current students but also serves as a compelling attraction for prospective students and parents.


Leadership in Innovative Education: Becoming a franchisee establishes your institution as a regional leader in innovative education. It signifies a commitment to providing students with cutting-edge learning experiences that equip them for success in a STEAM-driven world.


License Access: This unique opportunity grants your institution license access for a substantial number of students per level, including curriculum materials and resources for an extended period.


Moreover, our program is thoughtfully designed to be in alignment with the Cyprus Certification Company’s STEAM Students Certification Scheme. It’s built on five levels and utilizes modern, authentic assessment methods such as e-portfolios and scenario-based exams. This ensures that students not only learn the theory but also acquire practical, real-world skills, making them well-prepared for the demands of a STEAM-driven world.


This franchise opportunity presents an excellent prospect for educational institutions, including schools and afternoon private schools, to elevate their STEAM offerings and remain at the forefront of innovative education while aligning with recognized certification standards.


Empowering memory and attention

Strengthening self-confidence

Positive attitude towards school

Develop healthy competition

Develop Incentives for Learning

Better mood and mental health


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