STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and it applies an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. The term was first introduced in the USA in 2001 and referred to an integrated and unified design of teaching individual fields at all levels of education. The STEM Education model is more student-centred, placing more emphasis on creativity and on hands-on activity, bringing students closer to the needs of modern society. Today, STEM centres exist in all American universities and in many secondary schools, while STEM training will be a top choice in European education in the years to come.


Learning while having fun
Spherical interdisciplinary approach
Increase of creativity and critical thinking
Innovative teaching methodologies
Engaging in teamwork activities
Monitoring brain activity and progress


STEM Kindergarten
Imagine you have to build a strong, tall building. What would be your first steps? You have to select the perfect site…
STEAM pre-Primary
Upgrading to STEAM pre-Primary, our STEAM-focused interdisciplinary methodology opens students to new subjects.
E2STEAM -Primary
E2STEAM stands for environment, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math.
STEAM with Astronomy
STEAM with Astronomy Course is important for understanding the foundations of scientific discovery, has practical application in timekeeping and navigation.
E2STEAM Secondary
E2STEAM Secondary completes the aspiration of the centre on the excellence of STEM education systems that aims to produce the future scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and engineers, equipping them with in-depth understanding of emerging technologies.


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